Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo has so much to offer and what a great way to experience this bustling city; studying the language and living with a Japanese family.  A real cultural adventure. The language skills I learned in a 4 week course in September of 2017 came in handy when Don came for a 2 1/2 week trip following my studies. See the Japan Page for information on traveling in Japan.

Coto Language Academy

Coto Language Academy, First Impressions
Description of the first week of Japanese language classes.
Review of Coto Language Academy
Coto Language Academy Activities
Post includes descriptions of the school’s cooking and calligraphy classes as well as participating in an Omikoshi festival.

Homestay Experience

Immersion Program Homestay
Life with a Japanese couple in Tokyo.
Bathing at a Japanese Homestay
Getting the bathing process right is not as easy as it seems.
Learning the Tokyo Transit System
The complex system is easier than it looks.

In and Around Tokyo

Sights of Tokyo
Tokyo, a tantalizing taste of modern living in a decidedly Asian environment, is unlike any city I have ever visited.
Kabuki and Sumo
Two of Japan’s must experience cultural events.
An easy day trip from Tokyo, this former feudal capital is a great place to experience Japan’s temples and shrines.
Sleeping and Dining in Tokyo