St Petersburg, Russia


St Petersburg, with its 18th century architecture, international restaurants, and world class musuems and theaters, is a city to be experienced. What better way to get an inside view of the city and culture than to learn the langauge?

Educa Language School

Review of Educa Language School

Descriptions of the Language Learning Experience

First Week of Classes 
Week Two – Information Overload
The Language Classroom – Fighting for your Right to Speak
Last Week of Class
Learning Russian in St Petersburg – The Dining Out Experiment

Homestay Experience


Tour with Anna
A city tour with my homestay host, Anna, was one of the highlights of my stay in St Petersburg.

In and Around St Petersburg

August in St Petersburg
Saint Petersburg is a world class city worthy of the high praise it receives. There is a reason everyone comes here, and everyone does come here, especially in August.
Peterhof, Russia in August
The early 18th century palace and gardens commissioned by Peter the Great is one of St. Petersburg’s top destinations. In summer, however, the grounds are overflowing with tourists, especially on a sunny Saturday.
Mariinsky Theater Ballet
Ballet at the ornate Mariinsky Theater is a highlight of a trip to St Petersburg. It is not just a show to be watched; It’s an event to be experienced.
General Staff Building, Hermitage 
Showcases an impressive collection of French Post Impressionists with a fraction of the crowds compared to the main Hermitage building.
Don’t Miss Repin Special Exhibition
If you are in St Petersburg this winter (Oct 3 – March 9, 2020) check out the Ilya Repin exhibition at the Russian Museum, one of the best expositions I have seen in years.