Trek to Choquequirao, Peru


The trek to Choquequirao, often referred to as the little sister to Machu Picchu, makes a challenging alternative to the classic Inka Trail. The four day return trek to the remote archeological site (currently, hiking is the only way to reach it) sees far fewer tourists than its famous cousin. While in truth this is not one of my personal favorites, other hikers on the trail told me that it was some of the most beautiful scenery they had ever seen.


We completed this 4 day/ 3 night trek in September of 2015.

Trekking Choquequirao Independently
Overview of the trek and how to get to Cachora, gateway to the trail. Post includes a review of Casa de Salcantay, a great stop before and after the hike as well as a source for an arriero and mule.

Day 1 – Capuliyoc to Santa Rosa Baja
Day 2 – Santa Rosa Baja to Choquequirao
Day 3 – Choquequirao to Sami Wasi
Day 4 – The Hike Out