Lake District and Chiloé, Chile


Lets be honest, the Lake District does not have the drama of Patagonia, but if you are looking for a destination with pretty landscapes and more locals that tourists this may be the place for you.


This 2 week trip on Chiloé Island and in the Lake District in March of 2018 started and ended in Santiago. Highlights of the trip include visiting the historic painted wooden churches of Chiloé, photographing the palafitos in the early morning light, hiking through the beautiful forests of the Lake District with views of pristine lakes and volcanoes, and hiking the moonscape-like terrain of Crater Navidad.


Sleeping and Dining in Santiago
Most trips to Chile will require at least a short visit to Santiago. You can stay at the airport or consider one of Santiago’s atmospheric neighborhoods.
Uncorked Wine Tours, Santiago
A wine tour is a great way to end a trip while waiting for that late night  return flight home.


Churches of Chiloé
Unique to Chiloé these crafted wooden churches are a great focus for exploring the islands.
Chanquín Southern Sector, Chiloé National Park
While not on my list of favorite national parks, it is one of the few locations that offer hiking trails and an opportunity to explore the flora.
Sleeping and Dining in Castro, Chiloé
Sleeping in a palafito, the colorfully painted buildings on stilts, is a highlight of any visit to Chiloé.

The Lake District

Sleeping and Dining in Puerto Montt
The Puerto Montt airport is often the start and or ending of most trips to the region.

Around Puerto Varas

Sleeping and Dining in Puerto Varas
A more pleasant alternative to Puerto Montt, this tourist town also offers easy access to the Puerto Montt airport.
Around Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park
A beautiful region of lakes, rivers and snow capped volcanoes.
Sleeping and Dining at Petrohué Lodge
One of the few places to stay in this tiny village on the shore of one of the most beautiful lakes in the region, some say even the world.
Alerces Trail, Petrohué
On a rainy day we opted for a hike rather than the usual boat trip on the lake.


Sleeping and Dining in Pucón
This tourist town is adventure central offering plenty of excursions in the surrounding mountains as well as restaurants and hotel options.
A Day with Mario’s Fishing Zone, Pucón
While not the best fishing it was a gorgeous day on the water.
Waterfalls near Pucón
Some impressive falls lie a short drive from town.

Huerquehue National Park

Hike to Cerro San Sebastián, Huerquehue National Park
Stunning views from the top of Cerro San Sebastain.
Hike to Los Lagos, Huerquehue National Park, Lake District, Chile
A beautiful hike through an old growth forest with vistas over the lakes.
Review of Tinquilco Refugio, Huerquehue National Park
A great place to chill and enjoy the hospitality of the owner.

Northern Lake District

Sierra Nevada Trail, Conguillío National Park
On a beautiful day this trail has breathtaking views.
Hike to Cráter de Navidad, Malalcahuello National Reserve, Lake District, Chile
An easy hike to enjoy an otherworldly landscape up a volcanic crater.
Review of Suizandina
A blend of Europe and Chile this is a great base for exploring the region.