Antarctica, Falkland Islands, South Georgia Island



This 21 day itinerary in February of 2023 with Polar Latitudes included 18 nights on board the Island Sky and 2 nights at the Arakur Resort and Spa in Ushuaia before embarkation. We spent an additional 2 nights in Buenos Aires before flying down to Ushuaia. The ship made stops in the Falkland Islands and South Georgia Island before heading to Antarctica. Highlights included incredible wildlife sightings – penguins, seals, whales, orcas – as well as some of the most spectacular landscapes I have ever seen.

Buenos Aires, Argentina – 2 Nights

Sleeping and Dining in Palermo
Palermo, a colorful neighborhood with tree-lined streets, a lively nightlife and plenty of restaurants at all price levels, makes a great base for exploring greater Buenos Aires or just hanging out.

Ushuaia, Argentina – 2 Nights

Arakur Resort and Spa, Ushuaia, Argentina
The Arakur Resort, located on a hilltop above Ushuaia, boasts sweeping views of Ushuaia town and harbor. As part of Polar Latitudes’ Antarctica itinerary, they have guests spend two nights at the resort before embarkation.

Life at Sea and Other Logistics

Antarctica with Polar Latitudes – Life at Sea and Other Logistics
Post covers in detail life on the ship including meals, activities, accommodations and sightings.

Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands with Polar Latitudes
While the Falkland Islands are most known for the 10-week war in 1982 between the UK and Argentina, I had one of my best penguin photo shoots at the Neck on Saunders Island. Post also includes visits to Port Stanley and Port Egmont.

South Georgia Island

South Georgia Island with Polar Latitudes – Part 1
Post includes visits to Fortuna Bay, Jason Harbor, Moltke Harbor and Gold Harbor. The combination of incredible wildlife and dramatic scenery blew me away.
South Georgia Island with Polar Latitudes – Part 2
Post includes the former whaling stations of Grytviken and Stromness and visits to Larsen Harbor and Drygalski Fjord during an unexpected snow shower.


Antarctica with Polar Latitudes – Part 1
Post includes Elephant Island and visits to Brown Bluff and Kinnes Cove.
Antarctica with Polar Latitudes – Part 2
Post includes a thrilling zodiac ride around Spert Island; the polar plunge; whale sightings; the stunning Neumayer Channel at daybreak; visits to Hydrurga Rocks, Port Lockroy and Jougla Point; and ends with orcas in the Gerlache Straight.