East Africa Safari

We did this trip twice, once in 2013 and again in 2021. While both trips covered the same regions of Rwanda and Tanzania, the 2013 trip was a week longer, 3 weeks instead of 2, and included climbing Mt Bisoke in Rwanda and Lake Manyara, Tarangire Nat’l Park and Zanzibar in Tanzania.

2021 Trip


For the quintessential safari experience nothing beats the Serengeti. Wide open plains full of migrating wildebeest and cats, cats, cats. Pair it with a gorilla trek in Rwanda or Uganda and you have a trip of a lifetime.


This two week trip included the highlights of the region – the gorilla and golden monkey treks in Rwanda and safari drives in Ngorongoro Crater, Central Serengeti and Northern Serengeti in Tanzania. The abundant wildlife did not disappoint.

Reviews of Travel Agencies
Review of Amahoro Tours – Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes Natl Park, Rwanda
Roy Safaris, Tanzania – Review


Golden Monkeys, Volcanoes Nat’l Park
A trek to see these amazing creatures is a great as an introduction to the jungle and preparation for the gorilla trek.
Gorilla Trekking, Volcanoes Nat’l Park
An experience of lifetime that does not disappoint.
Volcanoes Nat’l Park, Rwanda – Lodging and Other Matters
Post includes a review of Ingagi Park View Lodge and a visit to the Red Rocks Cultural Center.
Sleeping and Dining in Kigali
Post includes a visit to the Genocide Memorial and Museum.


Ngorongoro Crater Safari
The Ngorongoro is known for the abundance of wildlife packed within the crater walls.
Highlights of Central Serengeti
So many cats! The Central Serengeti delivers again.
More Photos from Central Serengeti
There are plenty of other animals to keep you entertained between cat sightings.
Asilia’s Dunia Camp, Central Serengeti
Review of this intimate, secluded tented camp run by women.
Wildebeest Crossing, Northern Serengeti
Watching the wildebeest swarm the great rivers is the quintessential experience of the Northern Serengeti.
More Photos from Northern Serengeti
Other sightings included lions, hippos, elephants, giraffe, vultures, zebra, etc.
Sayari Camp, Northern Serengeti
Review of this high-end tented camp wonderfully located close to the Mara River.
Sleeping and Dining at the African Tulip, Arusha
A review of this great spot for a respite before or after the safari.

2013 Trip



This 3 week trip in August/September of 2013 was organized in two parts, first a visit to Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda to see the mountain gorillas and then a photo safari through the Tanzanian Serengeti ending with 5 days on Zanzibar Island. 

Planning an East African Safari – Rwanda, Tanzania

Reviews of Travel Agencies
Review of Amahoro Tours – Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes Natl Park, Rwanda
Roy Safaris, Tanzania – Review


Arriving in Rwanda – The Start of an African Adventure
Post includes our arrival in Kigali, a visit to the Kigali Memorial Centre that documents and honors the victims of the 1994 massacre, and the drive to Volcanoes National Park.
Trekking Golden Monkeys – Volcanoes Natl Park, Rwanda
Our first trek in the jungle to visit these astonishing creatures.
Gorilla Trekking, Volcanoes Natl Park, Rwanda
The gorillas are the reason most people visit this area. We were not disappointed.
Climbing Mt Bisoke, Volcanoes Natl Park, Rwanda
A day hike to one of the mountain chain’s highest peaks. Not all of us do well in the thin air.
Review of Gorilla Mountain View Lodge, Volcanoes Natl Park, Rwanda

Flight from Kigali, Rwanda to Northern Serengeti


Northern Serengeti
The Great Wildebeest Crossing, Northern Serengeti, Tanzania
Watching the wildebeests cross the Mara River is one of the highlights of the vast Serengeti.
More Pics from Northern Serengeti, Tanzania
Asilia Tented Camps, Serengeti Tanzania – Review
Luxury tented camps in the northern and central Serengeti

Drive from Northern to Central Serengeti, Tanzania
A long bumpy, dusty drive between regions.

Central Serengeti
Cats, Cats, Cats – Central Serengeti, Tanzania
Watching the lions with their cubs was the highlight of the Central Serengeti.
More Pics from Central Serengeti, Tanzania
Asilia Tented Camps, Serengeti Tanzania – Review
Luxury tented camps in the northern and central Serengeti.

Drive from Central Serengeti to Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

Ngorognoro Crater
Ngorongoro Serena Lodge, Tanzania – Review
High-end lodge on the Ngorongoro Crater rim.
Ngorongoro Crater Safari, Tanzania
With a wide variety of wildlife, Ngorongoro Crater is a must on most Serengeti itineraries.
Ngorognoro Farm House, Tanzania – Review
Located on a coffee plantation about 45 minutes from the crater entrance, this a cheaper yet comfortable alternative to the rim lodges.
Hike down Empakai Crater, Tanzania
A chance to stretch our legs for a day and explore a different facet of the Tanzanian landscape.

Lake Manyara National Park
Lake Manyara, Tanzania
If you love monkeys this is the place for you.
Mto Wambu Village Walk, Tanzania
A fun and surprising tour of Tanzanian village life.

Tarangire National Park
The Elephants of Tarangire Natl Park, Tanzania
The last national park on our trip, the elephants did not disappoint.
More Pics from Tarangire Natl Park, Tanzania
Tarangire Safari Lodge, Tanzania – Review
A more affordable option with fantastic views.

Zanzibar Island, Tanzania
Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania
Our 5 days in Zanzibar starts with a walk through the crumbly and colorful Stone Town.
Kisiwa House, Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania – Review
An elegant and friendly respite in a historic merchant home turned boutique hotel.
Matemwe Beach Village, Zanzibar, Tanzania – Review
An affordable eco friendly beach option.
Snorkeling with One Ocean – Matemwe Beach, Zanzibar, Tanzania
Snorkeling trip to Mnemba Island.
Beach Walk, Zanzibar Island, Tanzania
Our trip to East Africa ends with a thigh-high wade through the tidal pools on Matemwe Beach at “low tide”.

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  1. Good evening I would like to get a quote for a safari in January for 2 people starting and ending in Arusha. I ask for a cheap safari but no less than 5 days up to a maximum of 8 days. If you have more choices, please send me all the prices so that I can evaluate. I would like it to be specified if the safari is made by jeep or minivan and split between private Safari or group Safari. Thank you for your reply. Falco Gianni

    1. Hi Falco, I’m sorry but I’m not a tour opperator. I’m a travel blogger. Please see the Review of Roy Safaris for information on the safari company we used. Best of luck to you.

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