Botswana/Zimbabwe Safari


Botswana and Zimbabwe offer incredible safari experiences. While there is no shortage of amazing encounters at the public Chobe National Park, high-end private concessions guarantee little competition with other vehicles. For a twist on the usual safari consider a canoe trip or a walking safari


Our 17 day safari trip to Botswana and Zimbabwe in August and September of 2016 started in Botswana in the Okavango Delta and continued north to Lebala Camp, a private concession on the Namibia border, before heading to Chobe National Park. In Zimbabwe we started at Victoria Falls then headed to Mana Pools where we did a 3 day canoe trip on the Zambezi river followed by 3 days at Goliath Safari Camp.

purple line – commercial flight
red line – bush plane
green line – canoe route

Little Kwara Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana

The Safari Begins
An elephant greets us at our tent followed by a night drive with wild dog and lion sightings.
Day 2
The excitement continues with an extended leopard visit followed by a mokoro boat ride.
Morning Drive Day 3
Post includes sightings of a variety of birds, kudu, jackals, giraffe, lion, ostrich and zebra.
Boat Safari, Moremi Game Reserve
Includes a visit to the rookery to see the giant Malibu storks and great white pelicans.
Island Nature Walk
A chance to stretch our legs and see the bush up close.
Logistic and Other Matters
Information on Little Kwara Camp and arriving in Botswana.

Lebala Camp, Kwando-Linyanti, Botswana

Arrival at Lebala Camp
Post includes the bush flight from Little Kwara to Lebala as well as information about Lebala Camp.
Wild Dogs – Afternoon Safari
Includes hippos, Malibu storks and watching wild dogs corner a warthog.
Day 2 Lebala Camp
A variety of animal sightings – buffalo, elephant, zebra,  giraffe, lions and wild dogs – and catching lilac breasted rollers in flight.
Zebra at Waterhole
Walking safari including a herd of zebra at a waterhole.
Wild Dog Pups
Finally a great encounter with the wild dog pack and their 14 pups.
Lions, Botswana
The afternoon continues with watching the lions and their young cubs begin the evening hunt.
Last Morning at Lebala Camp
Post includes jackals, warthogs, catching bee eaters in flight and buffalo.

Chobe National Park, Botwana

Arrival Chobe Elephant Camp
Despite our late arrival we had time for a quick drive along the river including watching  waves of quelea birds.
Morning Drive
Another eventful day with wild dogs, lions and a large herd of buffalo.
Chobe River Boat Tour
Wildlife on the river including – elephants, kingfishers, crocodiles, buffalos and Monitor lizards.
Chobe Elephant Camp
Information about this well-run camp overlooking the Chobe river valley.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls in September
Post includes both morning and evening visits to the falls.
Sleeping and Dining at Ilala Lodge
This elegant lodge is an easy walk to the falls.

Natureways Safaris Canoe Trip, Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

Leaving Victoria Falls and the Start of the Mana Pools Canoe Trip
Includes the bush flight to Mana Pools and an on-foot lion visit.
Day 1 – Natureways Safaris
An eventful day starting with wild dogs, followed by a “float” down the hippo-riddled Zambezi river and ending with a safari walk to a hippo pond.
Day 2 – Natureways Safaris
More hippos and an encounter with an angry mama elephant.
Naturesways Safaris – Mana Pools Canoe Trip – Overview

Goiliath Camp, Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

Arrival at Goliath Camp
First evening drive includes a wild dog hunt.
Day 2 – Goliath Camp
Although the morning safari produced no lions, that evening there were plenty of hippos at the pond.
Day 3 – Goliath Camp, Mana Pools, Zimbabwe
Hours of searching produce one lion running away, that evening, however, another great encounter with wild dog pups.
Lions and a Flight Mix-up – The End of Our Safari Adventure
Finally on the way to the airport we find the lions.