Dive Video and Photos, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean

Bonaire is the diving mecca for independent divers. With easy packages including a truck and unlimited air you can dive Bonaire’s numerous sites along the island’s calm west coast. Most of the sites feature easy shore access with the reef just a short swim away. This is the 3rd time we’ve dived here. Last year I covered more specific information on dive sites, the resort where we stayed and restaurants. This post includes videos and photos from our most recent trip in late July of 2022.

For more information on dive sites see the post from 2021.

For more information on sleeping and dining on Bonaire click here.

Bonaire Highlights Video


Dive Site Videos

Below is video shot at various dive sites listed north to south. Our favorite dive sites were Salt Pier and Bari, where we dove 2 and 3 times respectively. We also dove The Cliff, Andrea I and Buddy Reef twice. The others we dove only once. Note that Karpata was closed at the time of our trip (July 2022) due to bacteria found on the coral.

Bonaire Reef Smart Guides: Bonaire is an excellent resource for more specific information on dive sites.


Weber’s Joy

Andrea II

Andrea I

The Cliff

Buddy’s Reef

Bari Reef

Alice in Wonderland

Salt Pier


July 27 – August 3, 2022

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