Hike at Ozette Lake, Olympic National Park, Washington

Located in a small section of Olympic National Park along the coast, we came here for a coastal walk recommended by friends. On a rainy day with a low cloud ceiling it was a typical Washington rain forest kind of day. It spit on us from time to time, but no real rain showers.

The nine mile triangle hike is 3 miles out to the coast, 3 miles along the coast and 3 miles back. The forest sections, out and back, are pretty in sections with some large trees but more often shrubby growth intermixed with smaller trees. This is not an old growth forest and unless you are into the greenness of it all is not the most interesting hike. For me it was too much of the green-tunnel effect.

The coastal section was a bigger disappointment. The tide was out, way out, leaving an expanse of seaweed covered rocks and nothing happening in the tide pools. There are of course the cool hoodoo type formations in the distance. But really the scene is a gray brown rocky expanse of not much interest. I’ve seen many more attractive and noteworthy beaches. The middle of May we saw few other hikers.

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May 14, 2019