Oak Canyon to Face Canyon, Lake Powell

Oak Canyon to Face Canyon

Leaving Oak Canyon (mile marker 51) at 9:30 the wind had picked up, but died down as we approached Face Canyon (mile marker 22) 5 hours later. Despite the wind it was another beautiful sunny day, the canyon walls and blue water as stunning as ever.

Face Canyon Camping

Just off of mile marker 22 Face Canyon makes a pleasant overnight on the way in or way back from the Marina. This is a wide channel that snakes down to a narrow slot canyon. Mostly rounded slick rock bank both sides of the channel with only a few suitable sandy camping spots. On a Wednesday afternoon with the water levels fairly low most of the camp sites were taken except for the spots near the mouth of the channel and the very last spot at the end. We chose this last spot, a secluded tiny beach tucked into the rocks. It was a great base for fishing and kayaking the inlets off this end of the canyon, but there was nowhere to walk as the surrounding walls were much too slick and steep.

We had difficulty getting the anchors in at the proper 45° angle to the boat because the site was more rock than sand. Our first anchoring attempt left the anchor lines too far to one side. We realized our mistake when the wind picked up and started pushing the boat towards a rock wall. Nearing dark repositioning the boat was a tense lesson in maneuvering skills with a large rock formation to the back of us and the wind pushing us into the rock wall on the port side. All of working together in the very last glimmer of light we finally got the boat situated and the anchors firmly set in sand. Our anchoring held in the stiff winds that lasted on off through the night ending just before daybreak.

Fishing and Kayaking

Although there are narrow inlets to fish Dan and Don didn’t have much luck. The only thing hitting regularly were small smallmouth bass. Kayaking was calm and pleasant but without the wildlife sighting of Oak Canyon or the stunning high cliffs of Secret Canyon.


The campsite is closed in and the rock formations were monochromatic when we arrived in in the afternoon glare so I didn’t think I would have much to photograph in the morning. However, at first light the show began. The rising sun highlighted different shapes with the colors changing from soft blues and purples to bright orange.

Face Canyon Back to the Marina

Leaving from the end of Face Canyon (mile marker 22) at 9:30 it was a beautiful boat ride back to the main channel with the soft morning light striking formations and the blue, blue sky and water. It took us about 3 and half hours to reach the Marina in calm conditions. The main channel was fairly busy especially as we approached the “cut” where there is a shortcut channel that connects the main channel to the bay in front of the boat docks.

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October 14-15, 2020