Oak Canyon, Lake Powell

Oak Canyon Camping

Just past the turn off for Rainbow Bridge at mile marker 51 is the entrance to Oak Canyon. This is a beautiful and popular spot as there are few camping choices near the famed bridge. Reaching the bay at 4PM AZ time there were only two other boats in the bay. We discovered later that with the water level this low the bay is broken into two halves instead of one big bay with an island in the middle. There are great spots on both sides, probably more on the west side – left side looking at the bay from the entrance on the channel.

Walk along the South Canyon Wall

We tried walking along the south canyon wall from the west side of the bay towards Little Oak Canyon. The hike was more bushwhacking than hiking, traversing numerous low levels, a couple of which were still quit wet even with the low water level. Despite the low water level, you couldn’t‎ enter Little Oak Canyon without some sort of water craft.

Kayaking the Bay

This is a delightful area to kayak with ducks, herons and other water birds as well as numerous fish jumping. There is also supposed to be good fishing in Secret Canyon.

Kayaking Secret Canyon

On the west side of the mouth of Oak Canyon is the narrow and deep slot canyon, Secret Canyon. This beautiful canyon starts off deep enough for a small powerboat even when the water level is low. The canyon twists and turns with sheer colorful cliffs reflecting in the still water. It gets so narrow at the end we had to back the kayak out about a 100ft before we could turn around. It’s not a long canyon. It took us about an hour to reach the end from our campsite in Oak Canyon, floating in the serene canyon more than paddling at times. On a Tuesday in in mid-October we didn’t see another sole on the way in or out.

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October 13, 2020