Gunsight to Oak Canyon, Houseboating Lake Powell

Gunsight Canyon Camping

Gunsight Canyon, a recommended first stop on many houseboating itineraries, is recognizable for the rock formation for which it is named, best lit in the late afternoon. The area, popular with campers, was busy on a Sunday evening over the Columbus Day 3-day weekend. In 2020 the water level was quite low and the channel that cuts in front of the Gunsight formation to Padre Bay was above the water level.

As for photography, aside from the gunsight formation itself I found the area less appealing than the other sites we visited.

Don and Dan tried their hand at fishing without much luck.

Gunsight to Oak Canyon

It’s a beautiful boat ride down the main channel from Gunsight off of mile marker 19 to Oak Canyon at mile marker 51. The trip took us 6 hours traveling about 5mph. It took us nearly an hour to get back to the main channel and reach mile marker 22, but once we were headed up the channel the mile markers were ticking off faster than our 5mph rate would predict.

The wide channel is a constant show of stunning formations and colors. On the Monday of the 3-day weekend there was a moderate amount of traffic. Beware that at low water levels some of the possible side canyons and camping opportunities are not available. For instance there was no water entrance to Cathedral Canyon.

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October 12, 2020