Houseboating on Lake Powell – A Rough Start

Like so many in this year of Covid-19, we took our first real trip this year close to home, back to Lake Powell on the Arizona/Utah border. Houseboating is an ideal Covid-19 vacation. You don’t get more isolated than cruising the lake in your self-contained bubble. This, however, is not a well kept secret and the lake was relatively busy the second week in October. Still, it’s a big lake and there were plenty of wide open spaces and solitude.

This being our second experience on the lake you would think things would go more smoothly than the first, but somehow, maybe because we were over confident, our first day didn’t go quite as planned. First it was windy making everything from unloading the car – a dust filled experience – to getting out of the marina and docking the boat at our destination, just that more challenging. Then there was issue of the kayaks we rented not being on the boat. We didn’t realize our oversight until we were an hour and half from the marina. The rental company was kind enough – it was their error too – to bring them out to us costing us an hour on the water while we waited for them.

Our first boat beaching experience was a bit of a fiasco. Choosing a site that was too shallow we got stuck in the mud a good 30 feet from shore and had difficulty backing back out again. A combination of Dan pulling us with his Zodiac – the smaller second boat we had for the trip – and Don turning the motors back and forth did the trick but not after a worrisome amount of time. Once we found a suitable beach – getting uncomfortably close to dark – the thick mud on shore made anchoring the boat that much more complicated, the guys sinking a foot with each step. I on the other hand floated on the top like Jesus, sinking only an inch or two.

Our difficulties sorted out for the day we could finally start to wind down and chill. This truly is a remarkable destination. The light and color on the carved rock formations, the peace in the early morning and evening and the Milky Way at night are heaven on earth.

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October 11, 2020