Diving with Dive Cabo, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Dive Sites on a 3 day dive trip to Cabo San Lucas the second week of July of 2019. This is not the preferred time of year as water temps can be cool and the sea rough. On our last day we had good conditions and good luck, spotting a hammer head and a couple of silky sharks.

Day One – Pelican Rock and the North Wall

With storms out to sea the weather in Cabo was cool and windy and the sea rocking. There was a strong current around Pelican Rock, so much so that we couldn’t do much more than go down and hang on to the bottom. Despite the current there were tons of fish, some in large schools, and a couple of rays.

On the second dive we used the current to our advantage and did a drift dive from Pelican Rock to the North Wall, with similar fish sightings. Closer to Pelican Rock you lose the wall with a long sandy bottom and few fish.

In the afternoon we repeated the two above dives only the current had greatly diminished making it a completely different experience. Same schools of fish but now we could enjoy them. The current had reversed so we did a drift dive from the North Wall back to Pelican Rock.

Between dives we headed towards the Arch and Land’s End, beautiful in the afternoon light with the waves crashing on the cliffs.

The Pelican Rock to Lands Ends area is busy with boat traffic, snorkelers and divers. Seemed insane on the surface but once we were underwater we didn’t run into many other divers. Maybe because the visibility so poor you couldn’t see the them.

Night Dive – Pelican Rock

Our night dive was at Pelican Rock. They only allow night dives here and the North Wall. This time Diego was our guide and we were the only two divers. We left the dock around 7:30 and were at the site when the last rays hit the cliffs. By the time we got geared up and were briefed we had only a few moments to wait before the sun slipped behind the mountains.

The light was dim but it never got completely dark. Diego was a patient and thoughtful guide. The current was not as strong as had been the day before and it was pleasant seeing the same place in the dark. Near Pelican Rock the wall plummets 200 feet but we stayed at 60 to 65 feet.

Although we didn’t see much other than the same general fish we had seen during the day, they seemed calmer, some asleep, especially the puffers. Near the end of the dive one ray surprised me, or I surprised him, but I managed to get a good shot in any case.

Day 2 – The Corridor

We took a smaller, faster boat out the 45 minutes or so up the Sea of Cortez to reach our two dive sites – Gavilanes and Santa Maria. Visibility was poor and there were few fish along the rocky bottom.

We saw a couple of rays and moray eels but my camera battery crapped out on the first dive and I didn’t get the shot. The second site, Santa Maria, had a pretty section of colorful fan coral and some other soft coral. It was fun along here playing in the strong surge.

Day 3 – Gordo Banks

This dive is completely different from the previous days’. Gordo Banks I and II are underwater rock formations that jut up from the sea floor 8-10 miles off the coast. The area attracts sharks which is the main point of the dive, to see sharks. Currents are usually strong so it’s important to do a quick descent to about 100 feet so you don’t get swept past the top of the rock formation.

The top of Gordo Banks I is shallower than II. We did II first and were lucky to see a hammerhead and 2 silky sharks that circled us for the longest time. A creepy feeling to have sharks eyeing you but we never felt unsafe, despite how close they got. I don’t know how often guests see sharks here. Judging from the excitement of the guides I’m guessing it’s not as often as they would like. One of the other divers had been here two years ago and did both dives without seeing anything.

Other than the sharks or rays it’s just blue ocean. However, if you hit Gordo Banks I right you can see the top of the formation at about 100 ft. We were not so lucky. Don had problems clearing his ears and couldn’t  get down as fast as he would have liked which may be why we missed it.

July 8-10, 2019

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