Turneffe Flats Review, Belize

Primarily a fishing resort, this made a great location for a dive trip. See Diving Turneffe for a full report on the diving. The resort has a casual atmosphere. Nice but not too fussy and just what you want for a beach vacation.

Cabanas with sea views have two double beds in a spacious room with good sized bathroom. There is also a front porch with seating for 4 in front of each room. Amenities are minimal; shampoo and soap buy no hair dryer. There is a safe in the room but no locks on the door. They have a small coffee pot which they prep for you each day. Just flip the switch for your coffee in the morning. Rooms are kept spotlessly clean. Water pressure is generally good with plenty of hot water, except for one off day.

The compound also includes a small pool area and other outside locations for lounging.

Mosquitos and biting flies can be a problem when the wind isn’t blowing. During our stay most of the time there was a stiff  breeze. One evening, however, we did need the insect repellent. You will especially need it if you plan to do their night walk.

Besides fishing and diving the resort also offers a snorkel and adventure package. As we were primarily diving we did not participate but other guests raved about the quality of the snorkeling and the experience of the guides.


Meals are served in the main building at fixed hours, Breakfast generally at 7-8, Appetizers start at 5:45 in the bar with dinner at 7. The bar/dining room is one big room with a bar and sitting area on one side and the communal dining tables on the other to accommodate 30 guests. Seating is family style so you get to know your fellow guests. The owners, Katherine and Craig also eat with the guests.

Food is good. I wouldn’t  say great if you are really into gourmet dining but meals are certainly thoughtfully prepared with quality ingredients and a variety of offerings during the week. They also accommodate those with food allergies. The one criticism is that if you eat a lot, meals may be on the skimpy side. I was satisfied as a rather thin female, but I can imagine if you are a big guy you might not be.


Breakfast included a daily special or a choice of eggs cooked to order with fruit, toast and breakfast meat. Cereal is also available.

Daily Breakfast Specials

Sunday – Mango pancakes served with a choice of eggs and sausage.

Monday – Huevos rancheros. Two fried eggs on a tortilla served with pico de gallo and shredded cheese. Served with fruit.

Tuesday – French toast. OK but not very eggy. Nice cinnamon flavor.

Wednesday – Cheese and potato quiche served with fruit and bacon.

The Thursday – Egg in a hole, egg on toast topped with cheese and salsa, my least favorite breakfast of the week.

Breakfast Saturday morning is fixed with no eggs cooked to order available. Ham and cheese quiche with fruit and a small banana muffin. Cereal is also available.


Saturday Night

First course Caesar salad. For the main crusted snapper served with mashed potatoes and a sautéed veg mix. Dessert, a small wedge of chocolate cheese cake.

Sunday Night

Appetizers in the bar – fried conch fritters served with a sauce. Dinner started with a tortilla soup – tasty with nice lime flavor. The main course included – baked chicken pieces, fried plantains, brown rice pilaf, and potato salad,  all served family style. Nicely done. Dessert was a coconut pie, not great but not too sweet. Tough crust and not flavorful.

Monday Night

The bar appetizer was a mushroom olive cheese bruschetta. Dinner started with a pickled vegetable salad. The main was beautifully  grilled pork (they were grilling it as we walked to dinner) served with rice pilaf and vegetables. Dessert was a small wedge of cheese cake served with dried fruit.

Tuesday Night

The bar appetizer was a chili con queso dip with tortilla chips. Dinner started with a blended bean soup. The main was fajitas served family style. Dessert was banana cream pie.

Wednesday Night

The bar appetizer was spicy cream cheese rolls. Dinner was one plate with salad, crescent roll veg and seafood lasagna with a cream sauce.

Thursday Night

The bar appetizer was a conch ceviche. The main included – grilled chicken and ribs, baked beans, coleslaw, and baked potatoes all served family style. One of the best meals of the week especially for meat lovers. About twice the food as other nights.

Friday Night

The bar appetizer was tiny mushroom turnovers, Dinner started with a Greek salad. For the main a grilled snapper with a mango and papaya salsa, veg, and rice. Dessert was an excellent key lime pie. Tart and not too cheese cakey, just the way I like it.

Arrival in Belize

A representative from Turneffe was waiting outside the main exit of the Belize airport as promised and directed us down the sidewalk to where the other guests were gathering. There were about 10 of us in the van that took us to the Radisson Hotel across the street from the boat dock where we waited about 45 minutes at the bar for the van to return to the airport and pick-up the remaining guests. Most guest arrived on Saturday afternoon, before 3:30, and stay a week. There is also a boat pickup on Wednesdays but otherwise you would have to charter a boat to take you to the resort.

The ride out to the resort is about 90 minutes on a dive boat. A pleasant ride across open ocean and on channels through the mangroves. Luggage is transported for you and in your room when you arrive.

At Turneffe flats the 25-30 guests gather in the reception area where there is a rum cocktail and crackers and dips waiting for us. Check it is pretty easy with one form to fill-out. An information packet is given to you as well as directions to your accommodations.

The briefing for specific activities is given on Sunday morning. For diving we met Ruben, our guide, who asked for our certification cards and talked to us about the dive program for the week and our previous experience. It was just us on the first day so he could spend extra time with us helping sort out our new equipment. 

First Week of April, 2019

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