Talat Dao Heuang Wet Market, Pakse, Laos

Before our flight to Siem Reap we took a tuk tuk to the wet market near the Lao-Japan Bridge. Like the Khlong Toei Market in Bangkok this is a large busy working market. On a Thursday morning we didn’t see any other tourists.

 Locals were friendly and mostly ignored my picture taking. I try not to intrude or take pictures of individuals focusing mostly on the products and what is going on in the market, cutting up meat, cooking, buying and selling of produce etc.

While not a particularly tidy or well-lit market they do have some interesting items, such as live frogs, buffalo skin, all kinds of meat parts, river and ocean fish, although the later must be shipped in as Pakse is not on the ocean. If you like food markets and have the time this is a worthwhile stop.

Golden Buddha at Wat Phu Salao

Across the bridge from the market is Wat Phu Salao with a Golden Buddha that looks over the river. A great viewpoint made better by a stormy sky.

November 15, 2018

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