Waterfalls near Paksong, Bolaven Plateau, Laos

Tad Fane

Although the area around Paksong boasts a number of impressive falls, the new zipline above Tad Fane  is the highlight of the region.

Tad Fane, the big twin falls, popular with tour groups, is generally viewed from a platform across the valley from the fall. The distance makes it difficult to get any perspective in photos.

They now have a 4-line zipline that has fabulous views of the falls as you sail across the valley above the falls. The next 3 lines loop you around back to the resort over the jungle with the last line having views of the tops of the falls again. Beautiful scenery and professionally run by Green Discovery. (Although amazing, the video is an exaggeration of the actual experience.)

This is a new attraction and we were surprised to see the zipline at the falls. Making an impromptu decision we signed up on the spot with no wait. They have a practice area to show you how it works and then off you go. An amazing experience, it was one of the highlights of the trip.

Other Falls

Tad E-Tu

We had started the morning with Tad E-Tu. Like almost all the waterfalls in the region it’s a walk down a steep slippery staircase to the waterfall. There was no one there at the time of our visit and the falls were just starting to get some sun. Despite the low light I had the most difficulty photographing this fall.

The property also has some nice looking accommodations overlooking the hillside. Although they face the river they don’t have actual river views.

Tad Gneuang

Tad Gneuang, a popular and photogenic fall, has 3 viewing platforms. Because the platforms are close to the falls it is difficult to keep the spray off of the camera lens. They were in the process of improving the walkways to the platforms by adding a metal railing. The area also has walkways down to the river, a restaurant, a shopping area and very clean toilets.

Tad Champee

Last on our list was Tad Champee. Not as high and dramatic as the others, but it produced the best photos of the day. I’m still working on the waterfall photography thing. Using a small gorilla pod instead of a proper tripod makes it more difficult to stabilize the camera.

I found the light and setting much nicer at the viewing platform at the top of the falls rather than at the base of the falls.

These falls were also quiet with few other tourists and would make a lovely place to hang out for a while.

We stopped here for lunch. There are two small restaurants at the entrance. We ate at the one closest to the way down to the falls. Offering a simple menu of tasty noodle and rice dishes with a choice of meats, she cooks everything to order.

Forging Village

One the way back to Pakse we stopped at the forging village to watch them make cutting tools.

November 11, 2018

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