Arrival at Kathmandu Airport, Nepal

The chaos begins. Arriving in Nepal via Beijing and Bangkok we had definitely left modern, organized Asia behind.

After descending from the bus at the arrival area it’s a short walk to immigration with not much information on where you are supposed to go and what you are supposed to do. Straight ahead are lines to pay the visa fees, $40 for a 30 day stay. The sign says they take credit cards but of course the machine is out of service, so cash only, but a number of currencies are accepted.

You have two options with the visa application – you can enter your information using one of the machines to the left and it will take a picture of you and print out your application or if you already have a passport photo you can fill in a form by hand. The lines were longish and very slow at the machines so we used the hand written option.

Once you pay your fees you head to the queue to the right where they take your paperwork and put a visa stamp in your passport. All this went relatively smoothly once we figured out what we needed to do. The chaotic part was leaving immigration. There was a long disorganized queue to go through a metal detector before you enter baggage claim. I don’t know that the baggage scanner or the metal detector really detect anything as they just jam people and bags through. Once in baggage claim there are just a few belts and exiting through customs is a breeze.

October 4, 2018

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