Dragnag to Gokyo, 3 Passes Trek, Everest Region, Nepal

The Ngozumpa glacier, situated between Dragnag (4700m) and Gokyo (4790m), is another dirt and rock covered glacier similar to the Khumbu glacier between Lobuche and the Kongma La pass.

The Ngozumpa sees more traffic and had a better defined trail through the rocky terrain and could be considered the easier of the two to cross. However, with the routes through both glaciers continually changing because of newly formed fissures in the ice underneath the rock it’s important to either know what you are doing or go with a guide.

A clear cold morning, today was a relatively easy day with just 3 hours across the glacier to Gokyo. The straightforward route from Dragnag starts with a walk across the valley to the moraine at the edge of the glacier.

From the top of the moraine there are great views of the glacier and surrounding peaks. As we descend and cross the glacier the views of the glacier lakes continually change, with the views of Cho Oyu to the north remaining nicely lit most of the day.

The path winds around up and down through the rocky and sometimes icy terrain. Once across it’s up the moraine on the other side, around the hill and down into to Gokyo.

Gokyo sits at the shore of the beautiful blue green waters of Dudh Pokhari surrounded by stunning mountains. One of the loveliest settings on the trail.

Thanka Inn, Gokyo

Arriving at just after 10AM Indra got us a room at the new and modern (for Nepal) Thanka Inn and Restaurant with views overlooking the lake.

Rooms are better than most with an in-room toilet and a sink down the hall. Hot showers are also available.

Thanka Inn is a step up from most guest houses and is a reasonably pleasant place to chill for a day or two. The newish building is actually somewhat insulated and better constructed so not as cold as most. The steel beam and block construction with double paned windows keeps most of the draft out and warms up nicely on sunny days. One of the warmest places we’ve slept on the trail.

Their menu is standard guest house fare but served in a more modern dining room.

October 16, 2018

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