Avenue of Baobabs, Madagascar

This post is part of a 10 day trip with Remote River Expeditions.

This short dirt road with a high concentration of baobabs is famous for its sunset views of these peculiar trees against an orange sky, one of the iconic sights of Madagascar.

Noon Visit

On the way from the Kirindy Forest to Morondava, our destination for the night, we stop at around noon. Not a tourist in sight and only a few locals on the road.

Sacred Baobab

We also stopped at a sacred baobab where locals leave offerings inside the massive base.

We made a second visit later that day after leaving our hotel, Chez Maggie, at 3:30. We would first visit the Baobabs in Love before heading to the sunset viewpoint.

Baobabs in Love and Other Sights

At Baobabs in Love there is a small commercial parking area with stalls next to the two baobabs uniquely intertwined. We stop for photos of a couple of other baobabs before reaching the Avenue of Baobabs around 4:00.

Avenue of Baobabs at Sunset

There is a small commercial area with stalls selling local goods, some village huts and goats milling about. Tourists have started to gather along the road before congregating at the “perfect” photo op spot.

On this particular evening there is not much color in the sky right at sunset. Just after sunset the color fades but then about 10 minutes later, when we are back on the road heading back to Morondava, the color dramatically deepens.

If you want the classic road shot with the sunset in the background you’ll have to time your visit for when the sun sets in that direction. In late September the sun sets perpendicular to the road.

September 29, 2016

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