Goliath Camp Overview, Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

Goliath is a more rustic semi-permanent tented camp that is rebuilt every year after the rains. During our stay, it was quite warm during the day and the tents can be stifling during the afternoon.

It’s much nicer to hang out in the open common areas.

The tents have a sizable but smaller than Kwando main room with a bathroom in the back including an outdoor shower. Lights out at 9PM, but there is a solar lamp in the room. The charging station is under a tree across from the common area.

The common areas include a nice lounging area, bar, and dining area used for more formal dinners.

The camp, set right on the river bank. has great river views and frequently elephants roam the camp.

Stretch is a character and the main attraction of the camp. He works hard to get you up close and personal with the wildlife. He went out early one morning before the guest were awake to try and find the lions for us. Problem is wildlife is much more skittish when humans are on foot and therefore more difficult to get close to. You can spend hours walking around the bush tracking wildlife without seeing much.


A simple breakfast is served by the campfire with views of the river.

Brunch is served buffet style in the common area after you return from the morning safari.

First brunch – Lasagna casserole, focaccia bread, green salad and cheesy cauliflower.

Second brunch – Platter of roasted chicken and beef, vegetable couscous with raisins, potato salad, green salad and bread.

Third brunch – hamburgers with buns, potato salad, cabbage salad, beans.

Dinner is served buffet style at a pretty outdoor table. First course and dessert are served individually.

First dinner – Beef broth to start followed by spicy grilled chicken, roasted potatoes, peas in the pod, green salad and rolls.

Second dinner – Pork in gravy with vegetable pilaf and salad. Apple crumble for dessert.

The third evening was braai night, a southern African BBQ. Stretch grills up some boerewors that is cut up for appetizers, a well-seasoned and tasty delight. We sit in the bar area around the fire pit eating sausage and drinking. This is the last evening for all but one of us.

The main course served in the open air dining area is grilled beef and chicken, moist, tender wonderfully done, accompanied by cooked cabbage and bread.


Overall it is great experience to have in the mix of a safari adventure or for those who have done other safari trips, but for first timers you also want to go somewhere you can view the game up close from a vehicle .

When we were there Mana Pools didn’t have the variety of wildlife that some of the other parks had, but lots of elephants and hippos.

September 6-9, 2016

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