Lions – Lebala Camp, Kwando-Linyanti, Botswana

Afternoon Drive Part II

The other vehicle has found the lions, a pride of 14 with 2 very young cubs among them.

When we catch up with them the lions are still lazing about. The cub is active and curious about the vehicles.

As the lions begin to wake they put on a great show, preening and bathing each other.

Then one by one they head off. They all finally leave except for the 2 newborns and the male still lying in the road. This is the same male we saw the day before.

We and two other vehicles follow them through the grass and open lands hoping to see a hunt.

They stop to get a drink.

The light is getting very low past sunset and we head off for sun downers. A pool reflects the last orange rays of the sun.

On the way back to camp we stop at a known hyena den. The guide lights the pups with his torch. The adults seem to be out. It’s too dark for good photos but the pups are super cute. With no fear of the vehicle they gnaw on the tires and come straight up to the guide’s feet at the head of the vehicle.

Dinner – shredded beef with tomato sauce, white polenta, sweet potatoes, spinach, sugar beans, squash halves filled with sweet corn. Apple crumble for dessert.

Lying in bed listening to an elephant rustle in the dry leaves, it’s difficult to fall asleep.

August 29, 2016

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