Zebra at Waterhole – Lebala Camp, Kwando-Linyanti, Botswana

6 a.m. wakeup call.

This morning we opted for a walking safari. While walking safaris generally don’t offer as great a chance to spot big game, on a longer safari trip it’s a nice change to stretch your legs and see another side of the African bush.

It’s about a 30 minute drive to the start of the walking area. On the way we pass a mother giraffe with a nursing baby.

At the water hole where we park the vehicle an injured hippo lies in the middle of the water. A heron uses his back as a fishing dock. We wait for him to spot something, but he never moves.

Walking Safari

Walking safari is more about nature and the smaller things in the bush. Jako talks about the tracks, droppings, termite mounds, etc.

Cheetah use this termite mound as a lookout.

 We see wildebeest and giraffe in the distance.

Zebra at the Waterhole

The real thrill of the morning was a herd of zebra waiting for us when we got back to the vehicle.

We watch them while we have our morning coffee and cookie break. More and more arrive. The wind picks up making the animals very skittish.

Those that want a drink approach the water very tentatively.

Once one is brave enough to take the first drink others quickly follow, but they are easily spooked. They bolt and run away only to start the process all over again.

We watch them watch us.

We head back to camp for brunch –  potato, spinach and egg casserole, eggplant tomato salad, beef and veg skewers, Greek salad, tropical fruit, cheese and crackers.

August 29, 2016

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