Photo Tour, Split, Croatia

Morning Walking Tour

Starting around 6 a.m., I did another one of my early morning walks. I really should have started about 5:30 as the light was already starting to hit the facades by 6. Still lovely at this hour, cool with few people on the street. The green market was just getting going.

Unlike Dubrovnik, Split has a more real working town feel. The green market on one side and the fish market on the other are surrounded by cafes where groups of locals, mostly old men, hang and chat.

The buildings themselves are rougher, a hodgepodge of materials, ancient brick and stone mixed with ancient columns and newer construction.


After breakfast we went back through the palace at around 10AM. By this hour it is filled with tour groups. It’s fun to watch but if you want to experience the Palace rather than the tour groups I would suggest coming early or late.

The indoor fish market was winding down at around 11 AM, still some interesting looking fish. This guy breaking down a small shark for instance.

Walked along the harbor toward the old fisherman’s port along the walkway of Olympic champions. Seems they mostly win water sports and soccer. Not surprising with the amount of great swimming spots along the Adriatic.

After lunch we stopped at two sweet places. Nadalina chocolate house, a small window front on Dioklecijanova, the main street leading to the Golden Gate, offers lovely creamy dark chocolate.

And Pumparela Gelateria with the best gelato we have had so far on this trip. Vibrant flavors are super creamy. Located on the main road towards the Silver Gate, i.e., just north of the Cathedral.

June 8, 2016

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