Oia at Sunset, Santorini, Greece

Santorini in general and Oia specifically are known for magical sunsets. I’m not so sure it has better sunsets than any other beautiful Mediterranean place, but the sunset enthusiasts flock here nonetheless. If you’re one of those wanting to capture those iconic views of Oia – white washed facades, a blue dome pop with a windmill or two against a perfect orange sky you’ll need to pay attention the time of year of your visit.

There is actually quite a bit of variation on where the sun sets depending on the month. In certain months the towns closer to Fira actually have better sunset views. The closer you are to summer solstice, June 20, the more due west and northerly the sun will set. At the end of May, about three weeks before solstice, the only true sunset views from Oia were at the far western end of town near the windmills. A couple of months on either side of solstice should have better views from the Oia end of the island.

In any case the crescent shaped island – actually the remains of a volcanic caldera – with its dramatic ridge top crowned with white villages is a crowd pleaser in any season with masses flocking to the famed sunset viewpoint. There are truly amazing views in any direction. Just pick your spot and follow the light and your creative energy.

May 29, 2016

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