Hike to Agia Sophia Church and the Village of Petrovouni, Kardamyli, Greece

This popular hike in the rugged hills above Kardamyli offers great sea and mountain views. Although this trail is probably better done in the cool morning hours with the sun over the mountains rather than the sea, we headed out after lunch. The morning storm had cleared the air leaving it fresh and not too hot, well maybe a little hot trudging uphill.

The trail climbs along cobble stone paths to the church of Agia Sophia and then back down a ravine only to climb back up the next hill to reach the village of Petrovouni. All perfectly doable with the level difficulty dependent on what you are used to. For us, who hike regularly, it was moderately difficult due to frequent uphill sections on uneven ground.

Note that you first follow the black and yellow blazes and then the red and white through the village of Petrovouni to get you to the trail that leads back down toward Kardamyli.

The whole route takes between 2 and 3 hours depending on your level of fitness and how much you stop.

Ancient Village of Kardamyli

The ancient village of Kardamyli lies above the main town on the road just below the Vardia Hotel and near the start of the trail to the Agia Sophia church.

If you are staying at the Vardia Hotel, this terraced back staircase leads to the trailhead and the ancient village.

May 21, 2016

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