Museums of Olympia, Greece

Before heading to our next destination we visited the Olympic Games Museum and the Archaeological Museum of Olympia.

Olympic Games Museum

Rick Steves doesn’t have much of a write up for the Olympic Games Museum, which offers a great background of the history of the Games but the smallish museum is well documented with descriptions in multiple languages in every room.

Archaeological Museum

We next followed the Rick Steves guidebook tour of the archaeological museum. Another great self-guided experience through the myriad exhibits. The museum houses the great treasures taken from the archaeological site and gives you a sense of the splendor that this sanctuary once had. I especially liked the displays that showed how the temples were painted. We think of them as being covered in white marble but many were painted in vivid colors.

Just as we were leaving the museum it started to pour and rained hard for about 20 minutes. The weather forecast was spot on. I was glad we had visited the ruins the day before. Sometimes it does pay to check the weather forecast.

May 21, 2016

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