Planning a Visit to Petra, Jordan

Part III

Returning to the gates at 6 a.m. on our last morning we were right on time but had a little trouble getting in. The guard at the visitor center gate didn’t want to let us in because it was a couple of minutes before 6, even though the gate is open all night as there is a hotel and bar on the Petra side of this gate.  At the entrance to the complex ruins the attendant on duty wanted us to wait for the regular attendant. After I fussed a little he called his colleague and eventually punched our ticket.

A couple of visitors confirmed that the ticket office didn’t open for them until 6:15. However, with tourism down in Jordan there aren’t enough tourists for it to matter much if you get in at 6:00 or 6:30. See Visiting Petra Part I for tips on buying a multi-day ticket.

Enjoying a cool breeze on this second morning we walked directly to the Treasury. We got there around 6:30 took a couple of photos, not a person in sight, and made our way to the second Treasury viewpoint listed in Lonely Planet. The first one is a guided only trail at a cost of 90 JOD for the guide according to the guidebook.

Trail to Viewpoint above the Treasury

The second trail is longer but self-guided. The trail starts northeast of the Royal Tombs, just beyond the Palace Tomb. Signs mark the Al Khubtha Trail up a flight of stairs to the top of the ridge.

Once near the top at a cistern, a stone building looking structure, take the trail to the left that heads down a dry wash. The viewpoint is at the end, near the flag where there are a couple of lean-tos. Just over the edge is a great picnic rock if you need to get away from the friendly dogs. It took us  45 minutes to reach this viewpoint from the Treasury.

We had lots of canine company following us all the way to the top and most of the way back down. It’s great time of day to visit the ruins, especially when it will be hot later.

We didn’t see many tourists at all until we were back near the Treasury. At around 9AM a fair number of tourists were making their way down the siq.

May 15, 2016

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