Back in DC

It’s catch-up time. After 3 big trips since we left France I’m spending the next couple of months sifting through my notes and thousands of photos.

It’s a joy to be back home in DC; fall is a great time of year – golden leaves pave the neighborhood streets, the cool brisk air fills your lungs, and a festive energy mounts as we head into the holiday season.

I’m looking forward to revisiting our recent journeys – July already seems so long ago –and sharing our discoveries and photos.

Upcoming postings will describe a 25 day driving tour through Scandinavia last July and a 3 week safari adventure in Rwanda and Northern Tanzania last August/September. But I will begin with our latest trip, a 4 week driving tour through some of the National Parks in Southern Utah and in Arizona during the recent government shutdown in October.

As always questions and comments are welcome and appreciated.

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