St Tropez, Walking the Littoral

Our walk along the shoreline (littoral) heading east out of St Tropez was an experience of new discoveries and lessons learned the hard way. You should never assume you can get food and water along the way. It may look like a populated route, but the area is home to the mega-mansions of the rich and famous. As such the pathway is fenced off from the land above it leaving limited access to the roadways. Furthermore, even when you can find access, there are very few services, i.e. no cafés or stores, outside of the main town of St Tropez. Lesson learned: bring food and water. You’ll be rewarded with plenty of lovely picnic spots.

While you can walk directly from the port of St Tropez the first part of the littoral trail is rather dirty and uninviting. It’s not until the point Cap St Pierre, where the road leaves the trail, that the pathway becomes more secluded and runs along a rocky, pretty shoreline with turquoise water. In mid-June this section of the coast was littered with blue jelly fish. Fascinating to watch but they would make swimming problematic. Took us about 2 hours to walk to Plage de la Moutte from St Tropez, stopping frequently for photos. Note that there is a parking lot at La Moutte at the end of the Chemin du Fond de la Treille.

June 12, 2013

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