Aven Armand Cave, Tarn Gorge, Southern France

Let’s be honest; caves really aren’t my thing. Wherever you travel in the world there is a cave to see, and the experiences are pretty much the same. You stand around looking at a formation that a guide says looks like an elephant bathing or an angel praying or whatever. After a while they all run together.

Unfortunately, Cevennes National Park is home to a number of “famous” caves. How could I leave the area without seeing at least one? So on a beautiful June morning – I really hated descending into the darkness on such a day – we rode the funicular down into the belly of Aven Armand, one of the most highly recommended caves in the area.

Wow! Small but exquisite the cave contains the highest concentration of stalagmites in the world, including one of the tallest. An amazing forest of intricately formed formations, some as delicate as lace. And yes they do have an angel praying, a sheep grazing and even a Manneken Pis.

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June 6, 2013

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