Hike to le Rocher de Cinglegros, Tarn Gorge, Southern France

One of the most fun hikes we have done in France or even the world for that matter, this 14.5 kilometer hike takes you through the cornices of the Tarn Gorge above le Rozier. We chose the hike to Rocher de Cinglegros, highly recommended in the Michelin guide, and described as a hike “for the fit and nimble who do not suffer from vertigo”. Right on! C’est parti! Not to over sell the experience as it was the surprise of the final ascent that really made the hike. In all reality it takes no technical skill to climb to the view point, still I wouldn’t recommend the hike for the vertigo challenged.

The route first takes you up to the viewpoint at the Rocher de Capluc (1) – with introductory views back over the town and river valley below.The next part of the trail winds up through the cornices and along the canyon ridge with more views of Tarn Gorge, passing through the Col de Francbouteille (2) and the Col de Cassagnes (3). At the Col de Cassagnes turn left towards the Echelles le Cinglegros (4). Just before the viewpoint at Cinglegros signs warn of the difficult descent ahead. True it’s a steep down and up on a series of ladder assisted rock-face climbs, but if you are in reasonably good shape, the rocks are not wet and you don’t suffer from vertigo, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty. The spectacular views from the middle of the gorge are most definitely worth the effort.

For the return back to Rozier, continue down the trail passing through Plaissance (5). This return section of the trail runs the same length of the gorge as the trail out, but lower down on the canyon wall with the most dramatic views at your back. Be sure to turn around once in a while.

While the paths are easy to follow there are a number of trails that crisscross the area making a map or at the very least a good set of directions essential.

The trail head is behind the church in le Rozier, south of La Malene on the D907.

14.5 kilometers with a total ascent of 800 meters.

June 5, 2013

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  1. OMG, that is stunning, stunning , STUNNING!!! But holy crap, yeah , I’d be scared crapless on those ladders! That’s crazy!! But did I mention, it’s stunning? Great photos Debbie!!

    1. Hi Hali, You’re too kind! Really not so bad if you don’t look down. After the Inca trail you could do just about anything!

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