Aigues Mortes Sunday Market, Southern France

Aigues Mortes, “dead waters” in Occitan, was named for the still, brackish water surrounding this quaint town located in the marsh land of the Petite Camargue.  An impressively intact 13th century medieval wall encloses the old town whose streets of pastel colored buildings, mostly residential, follow a flat-land grid pattern. The main street and central square offer plenty of souvenir shopping and lunch opportunities.

On the spectrum of tourist market versus local market, the Aigues Mortes Sunday market has something for everyone. Located under the trees outside the wall on the east side of town it’s a great place to stroll on a pretty Sunday and pick up picnic supplies. Plenty of fruit and vegetable, cheese, olive and bread purveyors to stock the pantry intermixed with a large selection of dry goods running the gamut of practical household items to tourist souvenirs. The only thing lacking is meat and poultry venders. Nayraval Boucherie et Charcuterie shop, however, located at 3 Rue Pasteur off the main square of the walled city, is open on Sunday mornings.

June 2, 2013

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