Golf de Nîmes Vacquerolles, Southern France

Our local golf course, Golf de Nîmes Vacquerolles, has been an enjoyable diversion throughout the fall, winter and spring. Located in a golfing community on the outskirts of Nîmes, the course has a population of regulars as well as international visitors. On most afternoons Edith, an 80 year old golf enthusiast, can be seen driving her cart around the back 9. Friendly and chatty she knows most everyone on the course including us, who had the privilege of playing with her on one of our first rounds on the course.

The well maintained course is walkable but quite hilly, especially the front nine, most likely why Edith only plays the back 9. On most weekdays the course is busy but play moves right along with 18 holes generally finishing in about 4 hours.

The weather has been an issue here as well as the rest of Europe with above average rain fall this spring. Still, throughout the winter and spring we’ve had periods of good weather, the kind of days that make it a real pleasure to be on the course. Sometimes with those dark dramatic clouds chasing us across the back nine.

May 30, 2013

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