Dadès Gorge, Morocco

Boumalne, an hour past Skoura along the N10, is the gateway to the Dadès Gorge, famed for its ever changing colorful cliffs anchored by lush green pastures along the river. The gorge is no doubt beautiful but it is built up with a continuous string of towns perched on every conceivable flat parcel of land, including numerous tourist hotels along the first section of the drive up R704.

The guide books say that the best part of the gorge can be seen in the first 28 kilometers of the drive in from Boumalne. I would disagree. If you have the means of transportation the views from the high road just before Msemrir (where the paved road ends, about 63K in from Boumalne) are spectacular, but I’ll let the pics speak for themselves. Took us an hour and half from Boumalne to Msemrir with frequent stops for photos.

March 28, 2013

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