Trekking Annapurna Sanctuary, Nepal: Day 11 – Pothana to Phedi

Although our last day of trekking is just a short 3 hour journey downhill to Phedi, nothing in this valley is really “easy”. The first part of the trail is a pleasant walk through the woods.  We then begin to see the signs of “civilization”, or at least bigger towns and roads. Still, this track is not as heavily traveled as some of the trails we have seen. We continue to wind our way through the towns and terraced fields and then hit the long, long staircase that leads down to Phedi, the last punishing descent. At least we’re not one of the poor souls just starting up.  Of course they have all the amazing views and experiences ahead of them, ours are already memories.

On the way down the steep staircase Don once again has cell phone access and is able to check the unfolding US presidential election results in real time. By the time we reach Phedi he finds out that, yes, we will have four more years with President Obama.

Returning to Pokhara isn’t a harsh contrast from life on the trek, more of a soft landing as you are reintroduced to some of the creature comforts you’ve been missing – a bed with actual bedding, a proper hot shower, a proper towel and a room big enough to sort your belongings. For dinner we’re longing for real protein. Pokhara lake fish was a good start, but we’ll save the real “meat” indulgence for our return home.

November 7, 2012

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  1. What a wonderful blog Debbie! I have truly enjoyed it immensely! Thank you for sharing it!! I sure do miss you and Don!! *hugs*

  2. Thank you for such an amazing insight and spectacular photos. We three, wife 45,my female accountant 60,(fittest of us all) and myself , 56,the mad male that suggested this trek, are leaving in 50 odd days for an October trek along this exact trail. I am thinking of not heading to Ghorepani, Poon Hill, just to make the 10 days we have a bit easier, what are your thoughts?

    1. Hi Rick, Thanks so much for the comment. I apologize for not responding sooner. I’m currently on the JMT, another great treck. I personally don’t think Ghorapani added much, but others do disagree. The highlights for us were ABC (be sure to stay long enough to see it fully lit in the morning) and the valley out towards Phedi. Whatever you decide you’ll have a fabulous trip. Happy Trails!!!

      1. Hey Rick! I have to agree with my dear friend, Debbie. If you are heading to Annapurna Base Camp, it by far is more amazing than Poon Hill, however , that said, it is still beautiful, and the hike to Poon Hill and onward is still really quite lovely. We easily did the trek in 10 days, and actually could have probably done it in 9 days but we took our time at some places. Like we pushed ourselves a bit longer one day to spend the night at MBC in order that the next day we only needed to do the 1.5 hr hike to ABC and then spent the entire day and night there. Best thing we could have done. Sitting in our own little spots, enjoying the stunning scenery, enjoying each other’s company, was something I will never ever forget. If you can, I would highly suggest doing the same if you can!! It was so worth it!

        When do you start your trek? I fell in love so much, I’m heading back in October again myself.. this time to do Everest Base Camp and Gokyo lakes. 🙂

        Have a great time!

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