Northern India – More Photos from Varanasi

Morning is the best time to photograph Varanasi. The sun rises above the river, casting a golden glow across the Ghats, the steps that lead down to the river. It’s a scene of contrasts – garbage and dirt intermingled with bathers and clean laundry; hazy skies with colorful fabrics and painted buildings, camera happy tourists with the purity of religious ceremonies. It’s a place that makes you feel. What you feel depends on the individual.

October 24, 2012

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  1. Debbie, your photos are fantastic! Thanks for taking me to places that I’ll never see in person. ….. Ann Kah (Linda’s mom)

  2. I love this grouping of photos.. depicting life against the soft morning light made them just brilliant! AND, you got the barber shot I tried for the whole time in India but never managed to get due to circumstance lol. 🙂

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