Photos from Siena, Italy

Siena seems to be everyone’s favorite city in Tuscany. Rick Steves reports that whenever Siena is mentioned in his office someone exclaims, “Siena, I love Siena”, and sure enough when chatting with another American couple while standing in line to see Michelangelo’s David the wife bolts out as if cued and says, “Oh Siena, we loved Siena.”

Its narrow, windy streets of mostly brick construction have a particular charm that packs in the tourists, especially the welcoming piazza where visitors and locals alike lounge on the curved brick surface. On a pretty sunny afternoon it’s a delightful spot for a picnic. Pizzas and sandwiches to go are easily available in nearby shops.

Siena’s Duomo is one of the most captivating in all of Europe, classic gothic art and architecture against a backdrop of eye popping black and white striped walls and columns (symbolizing the colors of Siena). The floor is covered in enormous marble story panels.

Along with a taste of the local gelato these top two sights make Siena a must on any Tuscan itinerary. Sienese art enthusiasts can benefit from the Duomo combo ticket which includes the Crypte, Duomo museum and Baptistery. No photography is allowed in the Crypt or the Duomo museum.

October 1, 2012

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