Sampling Cheeses in the South of France

This is the first of what I hope turns out to be many postings on sampling French cheeses. I just finished a tasting of three cheeses I picked up at the Uzès market and I’m in love. Certainly I’m no cheese expert, but through these posts I hope to educate myself as well as introduce some of you to one of France’s great pleasures.

And now this week’s selection:

Starting from the left we have,

Rochebaron, a commercial cheese made from cow’s milk in the Auvergne region of France. Mild in flavor but distinctly blue it would make a nice breakfast blue if you are so inclined.

On the right we have a Camembert brebis (sheep).

First, I must say that Don loved this cheese and I have to agree. Combines a subtle sheepiness with everything we appreciate about camembert, creamy and somewhat pungent. Un délice!

In the center we have the strongest tasting of the three – Bleu des Basques.

For a blue cheese lover this is a must try. Another brebis, Bleu des Basques is a commercial brand from Pyrénées-Atlantiques created in 2001. It has a strong blue flavor without being overwhelming and a rich consistency that melts in your mouth.

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