Thuir Spring Market, Southern France

A sunny Sunday morning in mid-May bopped down to Thuir to check out the Marché Gourmand de Printemps (The Spring Gourmand Market). We were hoping to pick-up a few things for Sunday dinner but discovered this was a more of a festival type market than a vegetable market.

None the less a delightful local scene complete with Byrrh tasting (a local fortified sweet wine), music and dancing in traditional dress, and a petting zoo. A great place to gather picnic goodies, with lots of fresh cheese, wine and honey purveyors.

But the real treat was the charcuterie stall with blocks of pâté de compagne and fromage de tête (head-cheese) made from all the delectable parts of a pigs head seasoned with parsley and pepper.

Yum! I love France!

May 13, 2012

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    1. Thanks for the comment. I have to admit I do love the variety of artisanal food products you can find at some of these local markets.

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