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  1. Hi Debbie,

    Can I have permission to publish a couple of these photos in a local magazine in Bayonne, NJ called Bayonne Life on the Peninsula? We’re doing a story about Bayonne, France from the perspective of a local guy who visited. We would be more than happy to attribute the photo to your lovely blog.


    1. Hi Rory, I’m honored that you want to use some of my photos and happy to grant permission with attribution. Thank you for asking. Is there an online version of your publication? I’d love to see the article.

      1. Yes, there is an online version. The story hasn’t published yet, but you can see it at our website: hudsonreporter.com, and search for Bayonne: Life on the Peninsula when it does publish in late October/early November. Our site is undergoing a redesign as of next week, so I’m not entirely sure how exactly the magazine will be appear, but I’m certain that it will appear better and more prominently in the updated site.

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