Living an Authentic Life

One thing that travel and language study has shown me is the variety of worldviews out there. In general, it’s human nature to want others to validate our choices, and I find the most content people  are the ones surrounded by others who share and confirm their sense of being. But I don’t feel that everyone I know or meet has to think and live like I do. It does not make my choices or theirs less valid just because they are different.

Life is not a pissing contest. It’s about finding your own way, discovering what makes you happy and gives you a sense of place. It doesn’t matter that most people you encounter would not choose your life, nor you theirs. Worse, we may not even be able to imagine the choices others make. I personally have had the opportunity to make unorthodox choices that people do not understand. It makes daily life harder in some ways, but when I’m in my element, exploring new places, living new adventures, tasting new foods, I’m me.

Our culture hammers into us that it is friends and family that give us that sense of place and happiness. For most people I think that is true. If it isn’t for you however, you may find your path to be more difficult, but know that you are not alone. Have the courage to discover your unique journey. We should each live an authentic life, make choices for ourselves and encourage others to do the same.