My 7 Links

Tripbase has started a blogging initiative to bring together bloggers and create a bank of posts worth a second look.  The idea is you decide which of your posts best fits the 7 categories below and then nominate 5 other bloggers to do the same. See 7 Links for the rules. Yes, it has sort of a chain letter feel, but I also found it to be useful exercise for thinking about or rather rethinking my writing. So, thank you Byron at Byron and his backpacks for nominating me.

Here Are My 7 Links

1)    My Most Beautiful Post:
Vietnamese Steamed Salmon with Garlic and Ginger
Can food be beautiful? I think so.

2)    My Most Popular Post:
Monreale and Segesta, Sicily
I have no idea why this short post continues to get hits. Is it for Monreale or Segesta? Both are magical places.

3)    My Most Controversial Post:
How Do You Know When You Are a Self Absorbed Prima Donna?
A snotty little piece about a spoiled woman trying to rebook a flight back to San Francisco.

4)    My Most Helpful Post:
The One-Stone-at-a-Time Approach to Language Learining
Tells the truth about the difficulties of learning a second language, but hopefully inspires people to embrace the challenge.

5)    A Post Whose Success Surprised Me:
Vietnamese Cabbage and Egg Stir-fry
Also a surprisingly tasty combination.

6)    A Post I Feel didn’t get the Attention it Deserved:
Bouillabaisse Marseillaise and Pink Flamingos

7)    The Post that I am Most Proud of:
Powerless in DC
A description of life without electricity after a heavy snowstorm.

My Nominations
expatriotgames – Insightful posts about life as an expat in France
Into the World – Based in San Francisco with great travel tips
Wandering the World – Fabulous photos
My Time to Travel – An amazing collection of travel experiences
The Evening Hérault – Interesting tidbits from both Ireland and France