Coq au Chambertin – Was it Worth it?

After all the time, money and energy it took to find Bresse chicken and Chambertin wine, did it really make a difference? Well since this is not America’s Test Kitchen and I don’t have the resources to cook 50 Coq au Vins, or even two for that matter, I’ll have to go with my biased gut feeling. Bresse chicken is very tender and flavorful with a finer, almost silky texture. I’d like to try it in a simpler preparation to experience the meat in its pure form – without all the decadent wine sauce disguising its true flavor. Chambertin makes a divine sauce, but I don’t know that I could taste the difference between Chambertin and any other decent Burgundy. Go for the Bresse au Chambertin for the pleasure, but if you are on a tight budget, use a good quality chicken and wine that won’t eat into your travel budget. The real flavor is in the preparation.