L’Oppidum de Nages, South of France

L’Oppidum de Nages, off of D40, about 7 miles west of Nîmes, is certainly not your “destination” ruins, but if you happen to be in the area and are looking for a pleasant walk with excellent views of the surrounding valley it makes for great morning or afternoon excursion.

The ruins themselves, mostly consisting of a stone rampart and the foundation of various dwellings dating from a 4th century BC pre-Roman settlement (oppidum), sit on the hill behind the town of Nages-et-Solorgues – not to be confused with the town of Nages west of Montpellier. The walk, out and back, through the ruins is only few kilometers at most. You could make a longer excursion by circling around to the other side of the ravine or following the signs to the neighboring town of St. Dionizy.

Parking. You can park in the town center and walk up which add about a kilometer each way or there is a tiny parking area up a narrow road, Rue de la Fontaine Romaine. On the west side of town off the first circle take Rue des Castels and turn right at Rue de la Fontaine Romaine. Look for signs to Oppidum.

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