Uzès Wednesday Market

The Saturday market in Uzès, a quaint pre-Roman town, about 17 miles north of Nîmes, is one of the most popular markets in Languedoc Roussillon, but they also have a smaller Wednesday market. Being inclined to avoid crowds and liking markets that focus more on food rather than the other stuff, the Wednesday market was just perfect. Plenty of patrons to make the market interesting and attract local food artisans, but without the crowds and other distractions.

All your Povençal favorites can be found; cheese, predominantly the cute little chèvre rounds, olives, sausages, artisan breads and, at this time year, early June, lavender. They also have a great fish selection, other meat purveyors and of course produce. Right now local apricots, melons, cherries and strawberries are available.

We picked up a couple of small caille, not knowing exactly what kind of bird we were buying, but why not give it a try? Turned out it’s quail. Very tasty and mild, not livery like the squab I love. See recipe for a quick pan sautéed method.

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