Losco – Great Belts in Paris’s Marais District

You’re in Paris and need a gift for that special man. Consider buying a belt at Losco, 20 Rue Sévigné, in the Marias. This little boutique offers mix and match belts and buckles for a reasonable price, about €70 for a complete set. Styles range from classic to more modern with varying widths to choose from.  The belts are made of a durable high-quality leather.

I first discovered Losco about 15 years ago and have bought my husband’s belts exclusively from this shop ever since. What’s more it’s a friendly place to practice your French, making for a fun story to tell your friends.

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  1. I remember visiting and only buying ONE buckle in 2014. Planning a return trip to Paris this summer and Losco will be one of the first stops on my trip!!!!

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