Candelaria, to Taco or Not to Taco in Paris

Was it a sign that I opened the New York Times to the words “At Long Last, Tacos in Paris” as we were departing for, well, Paris? Adding to the temptation, the taquería was a leisurely ten minute stroll from our Marais hotel and the weather, well, perfect.  So we went. We have lots of time to eat French food. Why not try tacos in Paris?

Rereading the Times article I have to admit that everything they say is true, but they never do quite say that the tacos taste good. They accurately describe the tiny casual eatery with just one communal table and a small bar. They list the menu options, tacos and tostadas, and the prices. Actually very pricy by US standards; one small taco is about $4.50US. It takes a good three tacos for a meal.  And then the Times goes on about the popularity of the place and the lack of Mexican food in Paris. Reading between the lines they either didn’t taste the food or they didn’t think much of it and wanted to write a positive article.

So let’s talk about the food. The carnitas taco was dry and bland, the alambra vegetarian taco soggy, the tortilla chips heavy and over cooked, and the guacamole had too many other vegetables competing with the perfection that is the avocado. The best thing we tasted was the tinga, a chicken tostada with black beans, crema, purple cabbage and lime.

So if you are dying for a taste of something resembling Mexican food, happen to be in Paris and don’t mind paying up, go for it. Otherwise stand in line with the Parisians at one of the Marais’s many falafel shops and get a tasty lunch for a third the price.

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